WEEE Compliant computer disposal

Innovent Technologies specialise in WEEE-compliant recycling & disposal of all PCs, servers, laptops and monitors.

According to BusinessWaste.co.uk, up to 80% of companies have no green policy in place; start helping the environment by calling us today on 0800 612 5674 to take advantage of our free of charge, nationwide recycling service. WEEE compliance Certificates are produced for every one of our clients.

The Importance of Comprehensive Data Erasure

If proper data erasure does not occur when a disk is retired or lost, an organization or user faces a possibility that the data will be stolen and compromised, leading to identity theft, loss of corporate reputation, threats to regulatory compliance and financial impacts.

Innovent Technologies offer fully certified and governed Data erase to British HMG Infosec Enhanced 5 standards, other companies who offer generic security such as: “Data removal services”, “Secure Data Wiping” or “Approved Data cleansing” may not be up to our standards.

Our free data erase is available to businesses across the UK, call us today on 0800 612 5674 and make sure you are secure and immune to data compromisation.

The lifecycle of a Business PC

Refreshing your IT equipment every three years will save you money.
This is definitely worth a read for any IT professionals

“A three-year refresh cycle shows the lowest total cost of ownership as support and out of warranty repair costs increase in years four and five to such an extent that they outweigh the benefit of amortizing the acquisition cost over more years.”

Working in partnership with Innovent Technologies will make sure your old equipment is disposed of securely and efficiently, whilst reducing costs even further.