Computer Recycling South Oxfordshire

Free of charge computer / IT equipment recycling and data sanitation service for South Oxfordshire; call 0800 612 5674, book collection online or inquire today.


Call us on 0800 612 5674


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Innovent Technologies UK Wide


Innovent Technologies operate across the UK, with clients from England, Scotland, Wales and even Northern Ireland.


Innovent Technologies Ltd provides a free of charge, professional IT asset disposal and certified data sanitisation service to a wide range of businesses, schools, colleges and universities.


Computer Recycling is also known as:

PC Recycling

Computer Disposal

Recycling Computers

Recycle Computers

Netbook Recycling

Laptop Disposal

Recycling Laptops

Recycle Laptops

Server Decommision

Server Disposal

Recycling Servers

Recycle Servers

TFT Recycling

Monitor Disposal

Recycling Monitors

Recycle Monitors