Frequently Asked Questions

A: It is completely safe for you to send us equipment containing user data. We record the serial numbers of the physical hard disks prior to the destruction of the data; if you choose to have your data physically destroyed then you will be provided with photographic evidence of the hard drive before and after destruction with the serial number visible, alternatively if you choose our standard data sanitisation method, we will securely erase your data using our approved software. This produces an official sanitisation certificate, which will detail things like how long the procedure took, the date and time of the procedure and most importantly, the serial number of the drive. This serial number will match up to your asset report which indicates which hard disk came out of which computer system, which ultimately proves complete data sanitisation.
A: Our asset disposal collection service is free of charge, although there are some items that do not fall under the free-of-charge IT waste category and do incur a small charge (see the Our Process page). The only 'catch' is that for small collections, we arrange our vehicles to collect from you when we are already in the area, although expedited collection is available. On rare occasions when disposal charges are incurred, they are merely a contribution towards our logistical costs and are not a profit making exercise.
A: We collect a wide range of electrical equipment, anything from printers, laptops and computers to servers and networking equipment. Upon arrival at your site, our engineer will carefully log each item as it enters our vans. You will be provided with a copy of this sheet as well as the waste transfer note. For a full list of what we collect, please click HERE.
A: We aim to turn around your equipment within 5 working days, although it’s very often much sooner. This will include all data destruction certificates and evidence.
A: Our free collection service is nationwide so that will not be a problem, there will be a different job number for each site. The dates of collection from each site will depend on our van availability and how far apart each site is.