GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

With less than six months to go until the final deadline for GDPR compliance, many businesses are still unsure about the regulation.

It is important to remember that the implementation of GDPR is a good thing — its aim is to protect EU citizens from privacy and data breaches, improving their existing rights.

It is important for companies to understand the implications and not incur any fines; properly disposing of your data bearing devices plays a huge part in your business’ process.

Our free-of-charge IT asset disposal service guarantees to properly dispose of your data, and provides certificates for your records.

Our work with Cheshire Connect

Cheshire Connect Logo

All of us at Innovent are happy to announce our partnership with local charity Cheshire Connect. We will be working closely with Cheshire Connect to apply our services, expertise and products to help charities in the Cheshire area.

Cheshire Connect are a charity that facilitates, enables and matches the skills of businesses with the needs of the voluntary and community sectors.

As you may know Innovent Technologies are at the forefront of the UK’s IT equipment recycling industry and we continuously strive to help organisations across the UK protect their data and comply with WEEE regulations at no cost.

Our commitment to our cost neutral service, 100% data destruction and 0% to landfill policies have driven our ever-increasing success over the past 3 years and an opportunity to work with an organisation such as Cheshire Connect is something we are very proud of.

Bolstering our 0% to landfill policy, we aim for as many systems to leave our premises whole, working and to a new home. To commence our working partnership with Cheshire Connect we were delighted to be able to donate a number of Windows Laptops for use by the Cheshire Connect team.Donna, Alex & Ryan

These laptops were subjected to our usual, thorough procedures of full system & HDD serial recording, specification recording and any remaining data was sanitised by way of degaussing then crushing of the original hard drives.

The laptops were then tested, cleaned and fitted with new RAM and HDDs. It is our hope that they will be used for more years to come and subsequently their product life-cycle has been significantly extended which reduces their carbon footprint, a great benefit for the environment.

A thank you is in order to Donna, Andrea and the rest of the team at Cheshire Connect also to Neil at Vodafone. We look forward greatly to working together in the future in offering our skills and expertise to charities and voluntary organisations across Cheshire.

To find out more about the work Cheshire Connect do, please visit:

or on Twitter @cheshireconnec


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Recycling sooner rather than later

The progress and advancements in computers over the past 30 years has grown at a rate that nobody could have foreseen. Just over 25 years since the first website went live you can now have email delivered directly to your wrist.

Since their inception, computers have played a major part in business with most organisations now relying on, at the very least, one or two machines to conduct operations. At the other end of the scale, companies with thousands of employees issuing each one with a PC or desktop to conduct their work. We are also now entering the cloud era with huge data centres opening every day.

This exponential progression serves generally to improve efficiency, revenues and connectivity for all of us but does bring new challenges straight to the desk of those that work in IT; How do we keep up?

Every year PCs become smaller, faster, more energy efficient and many large organisations now find themselves in the situation of new IT equipment being purchased and installed on a weekly (if not daily) basis, to ensure employees have the latest and greatest computing tools at their disposal.

It is no secret that IT department budgets must often be utilised in full on an annual basis to ensure they are allocated similar funds the following year. With a constant stream of incoming equipment one would think that any redundant hardware would be disposed of in an equally regular fashion, this is not always the case.

Many organisations fall into the trap of the dreaded storage cupboard. Stacks of PCs, TFTs and Laptops being held ‘just in case’ and for parts etc. Whilst this practice may seem logical at the time, IT devices are assets. Their residual value, as well as ability to perform in a continuously advancing environment, depletes with every passing day.

IT Recycling is now an industry in itself, with companies such as Innovent providing a service that collects redundant equipment, sanitises hard drives and ensures hardware is recycled correctly. Documentation and certification is then provided to state correct recycling and data destruction.

There are two destinations for a recycled computer; refurbishment or base recycling. Most machines that are deemed end of life in many organisations are still more than capable for personal or light business use (I’m writing this on a 10 year old PC that does me just fine!).

If a PC is used by a department for 2-5 years and then stored for a further 2-5, by the time it is disposed of, it will be practically an antique. Like trying to use a Pentium 3/4 machine today (believe it or not we still recycle many of these every single week), they just can’t cut it with the latest operating systems and web technologies. They are subsequently broken down into raw parts which, whilst better than going to landfill (we operate a 0% landfill policy at Innovent), seems an awful waste.

Those Core 2 Duo machines from 2008 in the back of your store cupboard will face a similar fate in a few years’ time. The energy put into the design and manufacture of these systems reversed when they are dismantled.

The ‘hoarding’ culture still plaguing many IT departments is not only wasting money but energy also. Like the inward stream of new equipment, a regular stream of redundant equipment leaving the department can be very beneficial in more ways than one. The ‘newer’ a PC is when it is disposed of (i.e. further from being base recycled), the more suitable a PC is for refurbishment as opposed to dismantling.

What does this mean? Those PC’s being stored indefinitely in your store cupboard could be used by start-up businesses or personal users on a low budget. This 2nd life use is not only better for the environment but can provide a revenue return to your department!

Generally, PC’s less than 5 years old carry enough residual value for IT Recycling companies to offer money back for working, recycled systems. This could ‘top up’ a tightened IT budget and is certainly a more considered approach than leaving equipment to lose value and usability and accumulate nothing else but dust.

On top of all of this, the older the equipment you have to dispose of, the more it will cost you. For example at Innovent we operate on a cost-neutral basis. We use the residual value held in equipment we collect to cover our own costs. This means for the majority of our clients we can offer a free service (and in some cases money back).

When asked to collect Pentium 3 machines that have been in storage since the early 2000s, we cannot cover our Transport, Labour, Processing and Data Sanitation costs as these PCs are worth a small amount in scrap metal and plastic. Subsequently the client is charged a small amount for the disposal and I can’t help but think how different the situation would be if the equipment had been recycled shortly after it hit the shelf in the IT store cupboard.

Recycle sooner rather than later.

WEEE Compliant computer disposal

Innovent Technologies specialise in WEEE-compliant recycling & disposal of all PCs, servers, laptops and monitors.

According to, up to 80% of companies have no green policy in place; start helping the environment by calling us today on 0800 612 5674 to take advantage of our free of charge, nationwide recycling service. WEEE compliance Certificates are produced for every one of our clients.

The Importance of Comprehensive Data Erasure

If proper data erasure does not occur when a disk is retired or lost, an organization or user faces a possibility that the data will be stolen and compromised, leading to identity theft, loss of corporate reputation, threats to regulatory compliance and financial impacts.

Innovent Technologies offer fully certified and governed Data erase to British HMG Infosec Enhanced 5 standards, other companies who offer generic security such as: “Data removal services”, “Secure Data Wiping” or “Approved Data cleansing” may not be up to our standards.

Our free data erase is available to businesses across the UK, call us today on 0800 612 5674 and make sure you are secure and immune to data compromisation.

The lifecycle of a Business PC

Refreshing your IT equipment every three years will save you money.
This is definitely worth a read for any IT professionals
“A three-year refresh cycle shows the lowest total cost of ownership as support and out of warranty repair costs increase in years four and five to such an extent that they outweigh the benefit of amortizing the acquisition cost over more years.”

Working in partnership with Innovent Technologies will make sure your old equipment is disposed of securely and efficiently, whilst reducing costs even further.