Asset report & Certification

Asset Report & Certification

Innovent Recycling produces a unique job number for each collection we carry out. Using the pre-determined count of the equipment from the clients, on the collection day, the driver will produce the relevant waste transfer paperwork and collections forms. Both parties keep copies so you comply with the latest environmental regulations and legal responsibilities.

Once your equipment is transported to our facility in the North West your job is assigned to a fully qualified technician. The technician will test all of your equipment, logging details such as make, model and serial numbers for both the PC/laptop and the hard drive(s) within the system. Each hard drive is then securely sent to the data destruction department, which is accessible to authorized personnel only. Once the data destruction process is complete, Innovent produces a serial-number-tied destruction certificate for each hard drive; this is embedded within your asset report. For more information on the data destruction process please click HERE.

All of our clients receive unique log-in details so they can easily access their reports via our client portal on the website.

For more information on the asset reports please call us on 0800 612 5674 or click HERE to download samples of our paperwork.