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February 27, 2017 1:54
Donna, Alex & Ryan

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All of us at Innovent are happy to announce our partnership with local charity Cheshire Connect. We will be working closely with Cheshire Connect to apply our services, expertise and products to help charities in the Cheshire area.

Cheshire Connect are a charity that facilitates, enables and matches the skills of businesses with the needs of the voluntary and community sectors.

As you may know Innovent Technologies are at the forefront of the UK’s IT equipment recycling industry and we continuously strive to help organisations across the UK protect their data and comply with WEEE regulations at no cost.

Our commitment to our cost neutral service, 100% data destruction and 0% to landfill policies have driven our ever-increasing success over the past 3 years and an opportunity to work with an organisation such as Cheshire Connect is something we are very proud of.

Bolstering our 0% to landfill policy, we aim for as many systems to leave our premises whole, working and to a new home. To commence our working partnership with Cheshire Connect we were delighted to be able to donate a number of Windows Laptops for use by the Cheshire Connect team.Donna, Alex & Ryan

These laptops were subjected to our usual, thorough procedures of full system & HDD serial recording, specification recording and any remaining data was sanitised by way of degaussing then crushing of the original hard drives.

The laptops were then tested, cleaned and fitted with new RAM and HDDs. It is our hope that they will be used for more years to come and subsequently their product life-cycle has been significantly extended which reduces their carbon footprint, a great benefit for the environment.

A thank you is in order to Donna, Andrea and the rest of the team at Cheshire Connect also to Neil at Vodafone. We look forward greatly to working together in the future in offering our skills and expertise to charities and voluntary organisations across Cheshire.

To find out more about the work Cheshire Connect do, please visit:


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