Asset Reporting & Certification

For each scheduled uplift, a unique job code is assigned at the time of booking. At your predetermined date and time slot, an Innovent driver will arrive at your premises in a tracked vehicle. The driver will count and uplift all hardware designated for recycling. This equipment count is then recorded onto a waste transfer & duty of care note and handed to you. The front page of this document contains instructions on accessing your Asset Report and Certificates of Data Destruction via the dedicated Client Portal.

Upon returning to Innovent’s facility, your equipment is quarantined and then assigned to a dedicated technician. The technician will record and test all of your equipment, logging details such as: make, model and serial numbers for both the PC(s), Laptop(s), Server(s) and the Hard Drive(s) & Solid State Drive(s) against the unique job code.

Devices are then subjected to HMG IS5 destruction within Innovent’s secure Data Destruction area, accessible to authorised personnel only. Once the data destruction process is complete, Innovent issue a serial-number-tied destruction certificate for each Hard Drive & Solid State Drive; these certificates are then embedded within your Asset Report. For more information on the Data Destruction process please click here.

Asset Reports are produced for every collection completed by Innovent. After downloading the report from the Client Portal, this detailed document can then be kept for your records and demonstrates your commitment to a correct and secure process, particularly during auditing.

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Asset Reporting & Certification

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