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A: It is completely safe and secure to use our secure collection service for equipment containing user data. All equipment is transported safely by our 24/7 GPS tracked vehicles and quarantined immediately upon arrival at our facility and tracked throughout the recycling process. All equipment is subjected to Data Destruction to HMG IS5 level and our process is ISO27001 Certified. The Asset Report that is issued upon completion is embedded with Certificates of Data Destruction, this documentation certifies and assures that your equipment has been processed securely and no Data is remaining on any of your devices.

A: Our asset disposal collection service is free of charge as long as you have a minimum of 10 PCs/Laptops (can be a mix of the two), although there are some items that are chargeable due to either being classed as hazardous waste or large and abnormally heavy. These items do incur a charges and are quoted on request. The only ‘catch’ is that for small collections, we arrange our vehicles to collect from you when we are already in your area, although expedited collections are available on a chargeable basis. On rare occasions when disposal charges are incurred, they are merely a contribution towards our logistical costs and are not a profit making exercise. To book a collection, click here.

A: We collect a wide range of electrical equipment, anything from printers, laptops and computers to servers and networking equipment. Upon arrival at your site, our engineer will carefully log each item as it enters our van(s). You will be provided with a copy of this sheet as well as the waste transfer note. Please click here for a list of all equipment that we collect.

A: We aim to completely process your equipment promptly after collection, equipment is quarantined in our secure facility until processing is complete. Asset Reports and Data Destruction Certificates are issued once your equipment has been processed. Asset Reports can be downloaded from our Client Portal using the instructions on the front of the paperwork left by our driver(s).

A: Our free collection service is nationwide so that will not be a problem, you would recieve a unique job number for each site. The dates of collection from each site will depend on our van availability and how far apart each site is.

A: We can destroy all data bearing media at your site, however this is a chargeable service. We can also offer Data Destruction in the form of video evidenced shredding at our facility – you would receive a video file of the physical destruction of your data and devices. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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Nationwide Collections

We offer our free Nationwide Collection Service to all organisations.

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Secure Data Destruction

Our Data Sanitisation methods guarantee complete Data Destruction.

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Asset Reporting & Certification

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