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When you choose to recycle with Innovent, you are helping to reduce the number of resources that it requires to produce new electronic items, whilst at the same time you are offsetting your own Carbon Footprint. There are many components and materials inside your redundant hardware that can be reused in the manufacturing of new devices. For instance, the plastic, glass and metals from the computers and monitors can be recycled and reused, thus limiting the amount of new raw materials required in the manufacturing process. Innovent’s strict 0% to landfill policy ensures that any equipment that cannot be used in whole form is recycled for its materials.

We strive to repair all systems that we recycle where possible, aiming for full refurbishment ready for reuse. Recycling computers can also be hugely beneficial to your local community. Refurbished equipment can be utilised by schools, low-income families, and charitable organisations who could not have otherwise afforded a new computer. By Reycling with Innovent, you can help to provide technology to people in your community.

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