The Importance of Comprehensive Data Erasure

If proper data erasure does not occur when a disk is retired or lost, an organization or user faces a possibility that the data will be stolen and compromised, leading to identity theft, loss of corporate reputation, threats to regulatory compliance and financial impacts.

Innovent Technologies offer fully certified and governed Data erase to British HMG Infosec Enhanced 5 standards, other companies who offer generic security such as: “Data removal services”, “Secure Data Wiping” or “Approved Data cleansing” may not be up to our standards.

Our free data erase is available to businesses across the UK, call us today on 0800 612 5674 and make sure you are secure and immune to data compromisation.

Questions for Data Professionals

Where does your data go?

Are you confident in your data security? In the age where the day to day workings of your business are digital, you need to be sure your redundant IT equipment does not carry confidential information about your business and clients. When Innovent Technologies sanitise data carrying devices, you be sure the data is irretrievable, certified and insured.


Does your policy for IT disposal consider the environmental impact of your redundant equipment?

IT equipment may contain lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and other dangerous materials. Correct handling and disposal of these materials is essential for the protection of our environment and our client’s reputations.

Innovent Technologies operate a 0% landfill policy on all IT equipment. Roughly 80% of equipment collected is refurbished and re-used in whole form, with the outstanding 20% base recycled and re-introduced in to manufacturing.


Are you operating within the law?

Our clients receive a complete Systems Audit and Transfer of Liability documentation for all disposed and recycled units plus Certificates of Destruction for all equipment that is  broken down to its base forms. We deliver full compliance with all WEEE, Duty of Care, RoHS, Data Protection, Landfill, Waste Management, UK, and EU Legislation.


How do you account for equipment disposal in your budget?

Our Asset reporting system provides serial numbers, asset tags and system details for every PC, Laptop and Server we collect. This can be used to update client’s asset databases and the destination of each item is clearly visible. We also aim to offset collection costs and arrange free-of-charge collections wherever possible.


Are you insured if anything goes wrong?

Innovent Technologies has a 100% success rate with every one of our clients; in partnership with the Finsbury Insurance Group, we also insure our clients against any risk when dealing with collection on site, third party asset disposal and data destruction.


Does your company receive revenue from the disposal of IT equipment with significant residual value?

In many cases our clients have end of life equipment that has significant residual value. In order to ensure our clients recoup residual values held within equipment we collect, Innovent Technologies are one of a small amount of companies who operate a generous Asset Release Scheme for equipment up to 5 years old.

If you are not confident in answering any of the points above, Innovent can provide a tailored solution to ensure your business remains safe, legal and environmentally friendly.